A Feminine Look From Tiffany Blue Bedroom

Tiffany blue bedroom can be a perfect bedroom that represent femininity, luxury and also serenity. With a tiffany blue, you can bring modern style so easily to your bedroom. It will create an unique and eye catching look when you use the drapery fabric set against the rich brown and white bedding. With a minimum accessories, you will enhance a modern feel to your bedroom.

Best Tiffany Blue Bedrooms

You can paint your tiffany blue bedroom with the tiffany blue color that is combined with white horizontal or even vertical stripes. You can also paint a monochromatic color of paint by using tiffany blue and the darker or even lighter blue shade. Tiffany blue can also be used as a color accent by painting the wall with the blue on one side and use the neutral color on the other side.

For the bedding, you can cover the bed with tiffany blue and combine them with white sheets and a blue bedspread pillowcases. Try to mix and match the bedding with the other neutral colors like brown or even beige to complement the blue. Using a floral sheets and pillowcases is also interesting to create a more feminine look in your bedroom.

Tiffany blue can also be used for the window treatment, combined with the accent wall color. Window treatment is very appropriate to be matched with neutral color. So, to make the room looks interesting, you can try to match the window treatment’s color with the same color as your bed.

To complete the feminine look of tiffany blue, you can put some accessories into your bedroom. For example, buy some colorful accessories such as throw pillows, lamps, and art project that are using a tiffany blue color. Then to make them a little more subtle, you can decorate the bedroom with natural materials accessories. After that try to combine the accessories in natural materials and natural colors such as a beige armchair that can be put in the corner of the tiffany blue bedroom.

18 A Feminine Look From Tiffany Blue Bedroom Photos