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Cinder Block Fire Pit Funiture

Cinder block fire pit – There is a fascination with fire coming from time immemorial. Good and bad at the same time, the fire has been both enemy and fellow human being since this got to create it for yourself. We do not know if his indomitable movement, its bright colors and its pleasant heat, the fact is that there is nothing like a fire for everyone to gather around. By the fire in the fireplace is home in winter and around him were organized beach parties memorable.

But how to do it in our garden? We would all like to create a cinder block fire pit in the middle of the lawn or by the pool, but the risk is too high. Do not panic, there are ways to get create a small fire at home without us having to invite the firefighters. We tell you how in this book of ideas.

Tailored for a house in Barcelona, this structure cinder block fire pit makes for a very special atmosphere in the garden without any risk of fire. The bonfire is elevated in a structure surrounded by a fireproof ledge that not only makes it impossible to spread, but also allows us to let other objects on it.

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