Best Potting Bench Plans

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Cedar Potting Bench Plans

Potting bench plans – Potting benches make life much easier for the gardener. There is no one right way to build a potting bench. Depending on the amount of space needed for a work surface or for storage, you can design your potting bench to fit into your garden style or work style. Here are some ideas to get you started on how to build a potting bench.

One can make the simplest potting bench plans just by placing a piece of wood across two sawhorses. It’s cheap, foldable and works very well with a couple of large plastic troughs for mixing soil. Or you can create a potting bench with colorfully painted ceiling, shelves and storage space makes a workspace in a structure of an ornamental garden.

You need to locate your potting bench plans. Decide where it will be convenient for you to access and which will fit into the design of your garden. If it will be hidden out of sight, then you have to not worry about what it will look like and usefulness will be its priority. If you plan to be in sight, you may want to build something attractive or decorative for the landscape.

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