Best Wood Outdoor Chairs

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Modern Wood Outdoor Chairs

Wood outdoor chairs – Good seats in your garden or on your balcony are indispensable. There are many different kinds of garden chairs in various materials. You can opt for dining chairs, reclining chairs, lounge chairs, bar stools, rocking chairs or beach chairs. Choosing the right equipment is just as important, because there are big differences in terms of durability and maintenance.

There is a wide variety of materials for garden chairs. If you choose plastic garden chairs, you choose an economical and durable material. Plastic can withstand a beating and can withstand all weather conditions. Even frost chairs can safely stay outside. Plastic chairs are also another recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.

Wood outdoor chairs have a natural look. The most commonly used wood for furniture is teak and hardwood. Hardwood garden chairs must be maintained to prevent discoloration and mold. The seats must be cleaned at least twice a year and are treated with special oil. Teak garden furniture can withstand all weather without rotting. Also this type of wood has to be treated occasionally in order to maintain the color. Wood outdoor chairs are more vulnerable than, say, plastic chairs, but always do up again after discoloration or damage.

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