Build Outdoor TV Enclosure

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Modern Outdoor TV Enclosure

Outdoor TV enclosure – See TV outdoors allows you to enjoy nature without missing your favorite shows. Unfortunately, by dragging the TV and the House whenever you want to see may be a nuisance. It may be easier to make the case for a TV that is weatherproof, allowing the TV to be stored outside no matter what the conditions. Works in the area of climate is warm when the cold can affect the function of the TV. Measure the dimensions of your TV. Add two inches to one side. The final measurement to make a rectangle. Use the jigsaw to cut expensive cage six TV using the measurement from step one.

Assemble the cage. Use the screws and a drill bit side collection. With three screws per connection. Screw the back panel to the bottom panel. Screw the side panels on the bottom panel. Screw the rear side panels. Screw the top and side panel rear panel. Front panel of the independent left. Use the drill to drill an outdoor TV enclosure hole the diameter of one inch at the rear. This is where the cable will run through of.

Apply rubber bumpers at the front edge of the top, bottom and side panel. It is a thin rubber adhesive strip. Secure the hinge to the left of the front panel. Place the hinges in the same distance from one to the other and the upper and lower part of the box. Mounting the hinges of the front of their single remaining. Align the front with the box to be sure outdoor TV enclosure of the location of the correct hinge. Attach the magnetic fastener front panel bracket to the right. Place the other half of the front door panel magnet. The front panel should now open and close like a door and keep it closed with a magnetic clasp.

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