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February 28, 2020 How to Garden

Building Planter Boxes

By building planter boxes, you can plant flowers or plants as unique miniature garden and will be a great gardening idea for people who do not have wide space of garden. The building of planter boxes is with exterior frame in the top and bottom of it and then you add cedar panels to both the top and bottom of the exterior frame. In building planter boxes, it is recommended to draw diagram since if you can not draw it, then it means that you can not build it. The diagram is very useful in helping to determine the project size and the lumber amount that you will need to complete the project building. There are materials that you need to have such as wood glue, hammer, drill driver and bits, galvanized nails, speed square, four lengths of 26 inch 1×2 cedar, four lengths of 13 inch 1×2 cedar, twelve side and end panels 5 ½  inches x 12 ½, and two base panels 1 inch x 6 inches x 24 inches. In order to be easy in the assembly, it is better to have all of the sections to be precut and you can let home supply store to do it for you just by spending small fee. Before starting to do hammering, it is recommended to use sandpaper to make the hammer surface roughed up to prevent slip when you are working with it.

Building Planter Boxes

Building Planter Boxes Image

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How to Build Planter Box

First of all you need to build the frames by using 1×2 cedar strips, make fast two 26 strips to two 13 strips to become rectangular frame form. Nail the strips’ junctions after applying wood glue to it and then screw each corner of the ends. When you attach the side panels, apply wood glue to inside bottom face of two frames’ sides and then attach four side panels to each long side. Smooth sides out and nail the inside to make them hold in place. You have to ensure that the panel ends flush the frames at least one side to make the bottom panels fit properly, you can repeat the same way to the other box side. When you are about to attach the end panels, apply wood glue to the bottom end frames inside face and attach each end with two panels in the same way just like you do to attach the side panels and make sure that the ends are flush on the bottom, repeat the same way to the other side. In attaching the bottom panels, make sure that the box is adjusted for square and form the planter box’s base by attaching three bottom panels using screws and wood glue. Then make several holes in the panels by drilling it as drainage or you can also make a gap between the panels.

7 Inspiration Gallery from Building Planter Boxes

Image of: Building Planter Boxes Image
Image of: Building Planter Boxes Plan
Image of: Building Planter Boxes Angled
Image of: Building Planter Boxes Wood
Image of: Building Planter Boxes Raised
Image of: Building Planter Boxes Deck
Image of: Building Planter Boxes Gardens

As finishing touch, sand rough corners and edges to make it smooth and you can also stain or paint the planter box as desire to suit your house décor. Building planter boxes is going to be adding your experience not only in gardening, but also in pouring your creativity at the same time.

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