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September 2, 2020 Pest Control

Carpenter Ants Control

Carpenter ants control is meant to control the large and unsightly carpenter ants population as unbeneficial insects which are destructive to any wooden furniture. Carpenter ants are notorious as one of the most destructive insects since they can chew away any wooden furniture such as wood trim and window frames. If you want to control the carpenter ants population, then you need to find where their nests are so that you can destroy them completely. Beside of controlling carpenter ants by exterminating them, you can also apply the preventive method if your property has not been attacked by these unbeneficial insects.

Carpenter Ants Control

Carpenter Ants Control Photos

How to Control Carpenter Ants and Tips

First of all you need to locate their nests, usually carpenter ants prefer to be nesting in damp wood. You should check window frames, door bathrooms or even washing machines and any other damp areas around your house in order find the nests. You should look at small holes or small shavings in wood which will lead you to their nests and once you found it, use hammer to tap the wood. If there is really a nest, then the sound of wood will hollow. Carpenter ants are often travelling along damp wood areas or inside of walls, so better to pay attention in looking for them. If you ants, then try to follow them to get to know where the nests are. If you found any suspected areas as the carpenter ants nests, then you can make small holes by drilling the areas, the holes should not more that 1/8 inch. Then you should prepare boric acid powder to be filled into the holes since the product does kill ants in direct contact. In order to prevent carpenter ants to be nesting in your house, there are some steps that you need to take. You should seal any cracks in your house foundation and fix any moisture problems which are caused by leaky plumbing and roof leaks. You should replace any cracked woodwork due to moisture and it is recommended to avoid firewood storing in your indoor house since firewood is the favorite nesting place for carpenter ants.

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In controlling carpenter ants as pesky pests, you can also spray their nests using insecticide such as carbaryl or chlorpyrifos. This insecticide spray is only meant for outdoor use and not recommended to be used in indoor house. If you have already tried all methods in carpenter ants control but did not work as you expected, then it is recommended to contact a professional exterminator.

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