Charm Vintage Wall Decor For Interior Home

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Vintage Wall Decor Bedroom

Vintage wall decor – It takes often a little extra to give new build personality and soul. But it will be easier if you go in search of fine vintage finds and green plants. It is quite obvious looking at some of the many flea markets around the country or find used stuff online. So you can quickly put your own stamp on the new framework.  Mix modern exterior with flea market finds and ethnic finds from eg travels. Keep them in the same shades as the space for coherence.

Make some open kitchen shelves, and show the extras forward, which give the vintage wall decor kitchen charm: dishes, bowls and small green plants. Use long curtains in the bedroom. They create atmosphere and tranquility. Go for some in velvet if you want it implemented vintage style.

Decorate with green plants: Hang the plants at the ceiling, or hang shelves on the vintage wall decor for them. Here you can also make small tableaux – like with hanging plants such as ivy or stains in the air.  Want to send thoughts back to grandma’s home, and then hang the gold-framed oil paintings on the wall. The surprising and provides edge to a modern house. Carpets have fun and bleed easily the modern style up. They also give better acoustics in the home.

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