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August 18, 2020 How to Garden

Classical Design Wooden Window Boxes

Wooden window boxes are specially and specifically made for house owners who prefer classical design which complement the traditional appearance to modern one of their house. Window boxes are going to be significantly adding the beautiful panorama of decorative feature to a house from outside which is fascinating to see as beautiful scenery. This is also great to be applied by house owners who complement the green environment while wanting to have a beautiful decoration for their outdoor house as well. Window boxes can be planted with various flowers or herbs to be decorative feature for outdoor house. Wooden window boxes have great versatility and give balance and elegance with sleek natural appearance, it is totally different with other window boxes material.

Wooden Window Boxes Make

Materials of Wooden Window Boxes

Wooden window boxes come many different wood types, but redwood timber has become the most popular and reliable for its unique designs. In matter of durability, redwood timber is great to have and this exactly why many demands are increasing to have this kind of window boxes. There are now many manufacturers that competing in making these window boxes which have already become trend in house improvement. Window box which is made of Pasadena redwood has already become one of the most innovative and enchanting designs of window boxes because of its smooth and natural appearance makes it as a wonderful choice of garden experts and garden enthusiast as well. The Pasadena redwood is crafted by skillful professional and great experienced workers from high quality redwood California. Redwood is already well known for its remarkable flexibility and long grains which means that it is easy to work with to become natural outdoor purpose material. In order to make sure that it will not be a bad influence to natural environment, this particular wood type has been kiln dried at first.

6 Inspiration Gallery from Classical Design Wooden Window Boxes

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In order to keep the wooden window boxes long lasting with great durability, it is recommended to you to use paint which is waterproof and non toxic. You can also use plastic linear inside of the drainage holes for more protection. It is also great to apply screws which are rust resistant in securing the window boxes so that it will not fall or break after a long period of time.

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