Cool Dorm Room Ideas To Make Your Room More Charming

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Cool Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating your dorm room with cool dorm room ideas will surely make you feel more at home. As a college student you are not loaded with money therefore, you must plan your budget carefully in decorating your dorm room. In order to make your dorm room looks more charming, some cheap decoration ideas are presented below.

Use washi tapes as cool Dorm Room Ideas

Washi tapes are colored or patterned tapes. You can line your bookshelves with the washi tapes. You can also create some creative photos frame from washi tapes. It is very simple, you only need to put your favorite photos or posters on the wall and then tape around each of them.

Decorate your Dorm Room with Something Non-Permanent

Because you will only live in your dorm in a relatively short period of time, you must decorate it with something non-permanent. Instead of putting wall paper or repainting the wall, you can have your own photo wall mural. Large printable photo wall mural is cheaper than the wall paper and the paint. If you want to move out of it, you can put it off and use it in your new dorm room.

Add a Natural touch in your Dorm Room

To make your dorm room fresher, you can put small potted plant in your room. Choose the plants that need low maintenance so that you can take care of it in even while you are very busy.

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