Decorate Vintage Metal Patio Chairs

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Vintage Metal Patio Chairs White

Vintage metal patio chairs – Save the old metal garden chair from the trash. Do-it-yourself decorating business and green design trend has shown that you can re-use and up-cycling your worn-out pieces of something new, or keep them in distress and ridden for a shabby chic effect. Clean your old garden chair. While rust, peeling paint or a surface with a patina works well for rustic decor, dirt, soot and cobwebs not.

Think of colors and designs for your vintage metal patio chairs. You can stick with a distressed finish but subtly brighter by adding a thin layer of ancient whitewash. For a more polished finish, strip the old paint, scrub off the rust and apply a primer and two coats of new paint. Fake patio chair. Stencils or stamps ivy, flowers, paisley or fleur-de-lis embellish a basic, metal garden chair. A black tea stain topped with clear lacquer gives the chair fashioned style.

Put the chair in interesting surroundings. Inside a vintage metal patio chairs paired with a buffet table converts a forgotten kitchen corner in a breakfast place. In the bathroom, a patio chair to keep piles of towels. Extend the look of your interior design scheme. Echo curves of a rolled frame patio chair with curlicue designs at nearby tables or accessories.

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