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Vertical Gardens: Green Wall And Green Roof

April 10, 2020 Garden Design

Decorative Green Wall Whole Foods

Green wall whole foods is totally fascinating to see as decorative garden design which is covered completely with plants or vegetations and usually installed in the indoor and outdoor of buildings’ wall for decorative purpose. This type of gardening style has been very popular these days in modern cities around the world since its simplicity in space taking but significantly gives fine decorative result. If you the city life but still compliment the environmental issue, the green wall whole foods certainly will be wonderful idea for you to have since it is totally taken for granted that it will create harmonious atmosphere of life with the environment. This scientific method of design gardening will be the perfect solution in making green life in confined spaces of city buildings and surely will be able to create private outdoor lesser access.

Green Wall Whole Foods Systems

Green Wall Gardening Concept Idea

Regular gardening needs vacant soil space, but it is going to be completely a different story if you have green wall whole foods since it will only require a vacant wall in your building, some proper lighting and accessories to install. Your indoor and outdoor wall facility is totally going to be very unique in the evening with its garden design. Mostly the system of grid planter is used in making green walls which previously is prepared by frame, cells and some channels of irrigation to provide the plantations well watered. The main concept of green walls is just planting some fresh vegetables and fruits on wall of building. If you can not do such gardening idea by yourself, then you do not need to be worry since you can use the service of companies which provide accessories of wall planter for garden.

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In green walls whole foods historical concept, it was firstly pioneered by a French Botanist, Patrick Blanc who had discovered in his research that in order to keep the balance of ecology, the shrubbery and plantations have to be well maintained. The concept of green wall gardening design has become very famous in the whole world and has become fashion as well. If you have your indoor and outdoor wall planted with such gardening design idea, then it is taken for granted that you will find it fascinating as decoration that will create kind of unique and typical atmosphere to enjoy.

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