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Different and Elegant Trellis Curtains

Trellis curtains have more uses than just window coverings. Larger panels of fabric give a decorative look to walls, especially when it crashes elegant fabric along wall. Fabric cover damaged areas of walls, including holes or cracks caused by settlement house. Use this different decorating idea for your new clothes complement design of room.

Trellis Curtains Blue

Trellis Curtains Blue

Instead of using a plain rod, try using wall cornices. Cornices resemble a small box with a hole in bottom. Two ledges you hang on a wall and push ends of trellis curtains through holes. Cornices hold curtains in place and create a soft booty on top of fabric. For a similar look, choose a wall sconce. Sconces have holes passing through center of each piece, which keeps fabric of fall of wall. Some designs have a flat top, which allow you to order small vases or other decorative items on top.

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For a more basic look that still brings color and style to room, collect trellis curtains rods wide. rod should run length of room is, as long as space you need. When you hang on wall bar, use a hardware kit wall mount that keeps bar from falling off wall. Hang curtains attached to hooks slide along rod. You can even use idea as a room divider by suspending rod roof. Simply slide open or closed curtains when a larger or smaller room you will.

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