Diy Vintage Lamps: It Looks Great!

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Vintage Lamps Design

Vintage lamps – Choose a fabric that you like and make your own design lamp. A way to reuse an old lamp and decorate it in most fun way. Decorating a lamp is very simple if you know how. Ideal for offices, home offices or even living rooms. In addition, we will reuse a lamp that we already had, a DIY of most practical!

First we will take exact measurements of vintage lamps to make a custom design. Let’s keep in mind that we should have about 2cm left so that we do not fall short. Cut fabric and check again. Once we have measured and verified that fabric will serve, we will use glue that can be spray or glue white or special for fabrics. In all cases we have to take into account that it will not tarnish fabric and that it will be totally transparent.

We will have to go little by little, surrounding vintage lamps and stretching fabric. When we are finished, we will see that end will be with much contrast. To fix this, we will trim a thin strip of fabric and glue over place where beginning and end meet so that it does not look like we have hit anything. Finally, let’s dry enough time so that we are not going to take off anything. We remember that new fabric has to be very well glued and adhered to old fabric. It looks great!

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