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Easy Repair Backyard Fence Ideas

Backyard fence ideas damaged can be left open for children or animals to pass and perhaps hurt gaps. Also, if damage results from wet rot, not set a backyard fence can lead to ongoing structural problems such as moisture spreads.

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Instruction to repair backyard fence ideas?

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1 Inspect closely for any signs of damage, including pickets or poles broken or cracked and loose nails.

2 Mark all damaged areas with a piece of chalk.

3 Remove all loose or damaged tables using a crowbar and hammer claw.

4 Remove damaged joints corner posts using lever and claw hammer.

5 Twist, push and pull damaged corner backyard fence ideas, and loosen soil around them until you can draw from them.

6 Insert corner posts in spare hole in ground, filling hole around post with quick-setting cement. Allow cement to dry for 10 to 12 hours before covering with soil

7 Place planks picket replacement in corner post, with a level.

8 Drill two holes starting two inches from each end of pickets of substitution in any of horizontal slats or corner posts using electric drill and drill 1/4-inch.

9 Screw cover screws three inches starter holes using an electric drill equipped with a screwdriver. Cover screws hold better than nails

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