Easy Ways To Build Horizontal Wood Fence

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Build Horizontal Wood Fence

When you want have privacy at your backyard, park, and landscaping area at your home build horizontal wood fence is one an option to do. With horizontal fences you can spend little money because this style fence is basic woodworking skills. You can combine panel per panel with line wood then give it spaces to be built around your home.

There are some steps to be followed how to build horizontal wood fence at your yard house.
1. Lay the plank wood on the ground with giving spaces about 8 inches to lay again the 7-foot boards. They will be the legs of the fences.
2. Attach on the surface of the of the plank wood with long flat boards then screw between the 7-foot boards and the legs.
3. Give spaces between the upper flat fences about 4 inches then screw again a flat board underneath the early attached. You can make 3 or 4 horizontal flat wood on the fences.
4. Dig holes on the ground about 8 inches then raise the fence, insert it to the holes.
5. Give gravel or cement mortar to make the legs of the fences stand perfectly.
6. After the fences adhere perfectly to the ground, paint them with wood paint to look more colorful.

Those are the instructions how to build horizontal wood fence. You can build it with helping your friend or your family member to make the work more easy when build the fences. Just protect and make attractive your yard with wood fences.

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