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March 31, 2020 Composting

Efficient Worm Composter

Worm composter is one of the composting methods which utilizes earthworms to decompose organic wastes to become good nutritious essences for plants proper growth and to improve the soil quality in garden. Composting is a great system in providing good nutrients which are useful for the plants proper growth and soil quality at the same time. It is very beneficial in composting since you can save more money in providing fertilizer which can be expensive and you can make the plants become healthier and fresher in its fruits since they are free from harmful pesticides. So if you want to make compost from your garden and kitchen wastes which are organic, then you will need to use compost bin as the container. In making compost, you have to well measure the size of bin and the amount of waste has to be in balance since it does really matter in order to get the fine result in composting process. There are many options of composting systems and worm composter is considered as one of the finest method in making compost since it is very efficient in converting any organic wastes into rich compost which is great for your garden.

Worm Composter

Worm Composter

How Worm Composting Works and Benefits

It is already well known that worm composting is very efficient and productive in making compost since earthworms cast five to fifteen times of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium amount which more than the other composting systems can produce. The secret of this wiggly composter is in the worm’s intestinal secretions which act to liberate the nutrients of plants chemically with the microorganism aid in the soil. In order to successful in this worm composting, you need to know what these little composters really need such as you should provide cooler climate to the earthworms since they can not tolerate heat. You can use some earthworms’ species to be your effective composter such as brandling worms and red worms which are usually available and sold by commercial earthworm breeder. In starting compost by utilizing worms, you should create the compost pile which has no heat by using the method of modified Indore.

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In comparison with other composting systems, worm composter is already well known for its efficiency in making good compost for the plants proper growth and to improve the soil quality. The use of earthworms as the composter is a great method in making good compost since they can cast five to fifteen times amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which more than other composting systems can produce.

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