Fabulous Ways To Replace Picket Fences

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It will look so nasty when you get problem on the picket fences, it had broken by the termite so you need to replace it with new picket. Repairing and replacing the picket fences is very easy to do. Just to be remembered that safety is number one, so you have to be careful and do it in patient.

You will need some tools to use when replacing the picket fences such as, gavel or hammer, chisel, new picket, nails or screws, cement and sands.
1. Dig the foundation of the picket then use gavel with chisel to remove the concrete that hold the picket.
2. Remove the fence panel from the old picket by using hammer and pliers.
3. Make new picket from wood which has same size with the old picket.
4. Insert the new picket to the hole then make a cement mortar mixed with gravel to hold the new picket on the hole.
5. Set the early fences panel with re-screw or re-nail it on the new picket fence.

Make your ground, park, or backyard area without mess of the broken picket fences. It is very needed to replace broken picket because it is an important element of the fences to prevent the messy at your outdoor. Always keep the picket fences in good condotion.


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