Fascinating Wood Patio Furniture

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Wood Patio Furniture Bench

Wood patio furniture – Give your wooden outdoor furniture a longer life through regular maintenance. Clean, sharpen and give them oil or paint. Why do you paint or oiling your furniture made of wood? All exterior woodwork is worn and discolored to look at over time, whether it’s hardwood or softwood. If the tree is not provided extra oil or paint to protect the surface, the natural degradation of the begin.

This is especially true of wood patio furniture which are vulnerable to weather, wind and sun. Because of have furniture many horizontal surfaces, such as rain water cannot run off, they are greatly influenced by moisture. The horizontal surfaces are also more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays that break down the wood and make it gray and sad to look at.

Temperature variations and moisture can also cause the wood to crack and warp, making it possible for the molds, algae and blue stain to attack the wood patio furniture if you have furniture of teak, they can last for many years without treatment. Teak has naturally has such a large content of resin that protects the wood naturally. Teak will eventually become gray, then you will avoid the gray color, you must regularly provide the oil.

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