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July 5, 2020 Flower Garden

Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Flowers for hanging baskets have to be chosen perfectly since it will be significant in maximizing space on decks. Just like the conventional flower gardening, this flower gardening idea also needs growing requirements to be concerned when choosing where the baskets will be hung in deck space. For instance, most plants need to be full exposed with sun light, but some other plants do not like that such as lily which usually lives in shady areas. After watering flowers, the baskets will become heavier and to cope with this, the brackets should be able to hold the heavy baskets. There are some flowers for hanging baskets which can be chosen as your preference to enhance your deck space.

Flowers for Hanging Basket

Flowers for Hanging Basket

Some Flowers for Hanging Baskets and Tips

Dianthus can be a great choice to be in hanging basket, this flower needs to be placed in sunny location and should at least receive six hours of sun light exposure each day. There are also some of this flower variety which can live with not enough sun light exposure, but you will find it lanky with less flower which is going to be not good to have. If you want to grow this flower, then you should have alkaline soil and you can simply add limestone of ground in order to raise the potting medium pH if you think that it is necessary. You can use mix of soilless for hanging baskets so that it will not be too heavy and amend it with fertilizer slowly to make sure in providing sufficient nutrients. Lobelias has beautiful color variations such as white, purple, blue, red or pink and will be an ideal plant for basket flower which will significant in adding colorful atmosphere in your deck. This flower blooms starts for summer to mid fall and can attract pollinating insects like honeybees and butterflies. Tulips are also ideal choice as basket flowers but you have to well consider the season, nutrition, site and drainage so that they can grow properly.

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Image of: Dianthus Flowers for Hanging Baskets
Image of: Lobelias for Hanging Baskets
Image of: Tulips for Hanging Baskets

If you want to add interesting vertical line to flowers for hanging baskets, you can plant vines which will be great for tight space gardening since it will create trailing effect which is going to be effective in providing additional decorative feature to the flower baskets. It is taken for granted that the vines will brighten up shady areas under the deck. You should provide sufficient fertilizer and moisture for the basket vines since nutrients and water are going to be depleted so fast since containers as the planting media.

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