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March 24, 2020 Garden Supplies

Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

Fluorescent grow light bulbs actually are better to be used in illuminating house than to support plants growth since they have lighting color which renders to be so and less heat the light products produce. Since the less heat that these light fixtures produce, this means that you have to place it very closely to the plants if you use them to help your plants growth, few inches will be sufficient in order to be efficient in its lumen. If you want to get the finest result in applying these lights to support your plants growth, then it is recommended to place them not more than few feet from the plants which you want to support its growth. It is also recommended to use the bulbs which have 2700k to 3000k to promote plants flowering with high output in the red spectrum, and to promote the growth of green plant in overall, you better to use 5000k to 6500k bulbs which provide full spectrum with many light in the blue spectrum. In short, many gardeners use these fluorescent grow light bulbs as seedlings support or replacement by providing extra light for any indoor plants in indoor gardening.

Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs Type

How to Properly Light the Plants or Seeds

In order to get the finest result in growing your indoor plants by using fluorescent light bulbs, you better to consult to garden center in choosing which plants that require light intensity at same level, duration and spectrum of color. If you use low lights, then it means that you have to use more than just one light bulb. It is recommended to choose the grow lights which have full spectrum and specially made for this utility. The waterproof trays have to be set up on a table and fill them with a gravel or pebble layer to elevate the containers. The trays’ bottom has to be filled with water so humidity can be increased in order to keep the water level below the pebbles’ top. So that any overflow can be received when watering the plants, the tray should have enough room. Then plant the plantations or seeds in the containers which use the potting soil, you better to follow the available instructions on its package and tags. To provide watering space, leave the container’s top quarter empty then water it and fertilize it as directed on the seed package and tags.  The grow lights have to be adjusted according to the directions on the package and set the timer to the light amount in proper for the plants that you choose between 6 to 18 hours, but you better to provide approximately 6 hours of darkness each night.

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You can get the fluorescent grow light bulbs with adjustable height at garden center and you can also order it via online if you want to be more efficient in time and money. There are some varieties of these grow light bulbs which have different light productions but indeed they have different prices as well, but you can simply choose the ones according to your preference and needs.

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