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March 17, 2020 Pest Control

Fruit Fly Spray to Exterminate Fruit Fly Infestation

Fruit fly spray is one of the best solutions in controlling the infestations of fruit fly to make the fruit harvest become healthier, fresher and free from pest. In exterminating fruit flies, it is important to apply safe and natural method since the use of chemical essences will be harmful to health and the environment as well. Fruit flies metamorphosis starts from the eggs which are deposited around the fruit surface with approximately 500 to 600 of eggs. Right after thirty hours of the eggs are laid on the fruit surface, some larvae emerge and feed as long as eight to ten days. The larvae feed for five to six days by using the food drier areas as interval and maybe feed longer depends on how much they want to feed. You should to kill these larvae in order to prevent them to become a larger menace which will be very disadvantageous.

Fruit Fly Spray

Fruit Fly Spray

Fruit Fly Spray and Tips

Fruit fly spray which contains pyrethrin is significant in exterminating fruit flies since the product does really work in controlling the fruit fly population. In utilizing the fruit fly, you can spray the pyrethrin to the areas where the pesky pests breed to eliminate the whole population around your residence. You can also use traps to be more effectively in monitoring the full vicinity, the traps use the luring technique so that the fruit flies get attracted to come and then it will instantly kill them. It is always recommended to apply the natural pest control method such as it is safe and will not cause harmful effects to health and the green environment as well. Well, it is going to be a complete different story if you use the pesticides which can be very dangerous not only to health, but also to the crops which will cause fatal diseases such as cancer if we consume the crops.

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You are always recommended to apply the safe and natural method in controlling pests since it will be harmless to your health and the green environment. In exterminating fruit flies, it is better to apply the natural fruit fly spray, but if is hard to get, then use the lesser chemical essences which the product contains.

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