Garden Obelisk Trellis Ideas

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Popular Obelisk Trellis

Obelisk trellis – Obelisks, tall columns with a square base that taper like a pyramid to a pointed top, you can add drama and height of a landscape, and can be incorporated into a flower or vegetable garden. A stone obelisk can be presented as a real focal point of a rose or perennial garden, and an obelisk wooden lattice can serve as a trellis for flowering clematis and fines as morning glory. In the garden of vegetables, beans and peas can be trellis obelisk in the lattice.

Garden obelisk trellis, Place a stone obelisk of any tree in a flower garden has plants of varying heights. Unearth a section 4ft flower or vegetable garden by a wooden obelisk trellis. Place a wooden obelisk trellis in the garden of vegetables or flowers, and secure it in place by placing heavy stones around the base. Plant flowers or vegetables near the base of the vine to the trellis obelisk.

Each plant in a garden provides texture element to all, such as height, color or fragrance. Veining plants add dimension and interest of a home garden, but giving stable support they need to grow can have a visual challenge for the gardener. An obelisk trellis wire serves as a decorative interest and support climbing vine plants, adding beauty and functionality to your home garden.

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