Gardening Without A Garden: Ideas For Patio And Balcony

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Potted Plants With Vines On The Wall

Few things are more rewarding to grow with your little indoor garden, maybe smells and herbs, even if you have a real garden.

But few things are as frustrating to love the garden and live in a small building of the city. How do? This can be remedied by growing the plants in your home.

A small garden in front of the door made from three old tin pots placed one above the other, in layers (picture evidence). I have a vintage tub did not know how to use, now I know what to do! He realized Carrie at The Vintage Wren for his herbs. Everything you need is the jar or tin tubs of different sizes, a hammer and nails (just to make the holes for drainage), the good earth and herbs of your choice.

How to make a container for aquatic plants.

If you want to plant in a large terrace, these vessels made of plastic tubs are perfect: they keep the humidity very well and we will need less water for irrigation. A double benefit for the plants and the domestic economy.

Linsey of LLH Designs has planted its smells and salads in wooden crates for wine. Brilliant!

For those who do not have outdoor space, here are five tips for growing lemons in the house. As a bonus, your apartment  so wonderful!

1. Buy the right tree, that is plugged in and did the interior is much more resistant.

2. Buy the land just because the pH must be 5-8, and must always be well drained.

3. Lemons, oranges, kumquats, and so on takes at least 5 hours of light per day, but the optimal dose is 10-12 hours.

4. Humidity: the trees the leaves will fall if there is little humidity in the house. It should be 45-50%.

5. Watered regularly when the first two inches of soil are dry. In the summer, especially if they’re out in the sun, sometimes twice a day: you will see that flower! And how much fruit in the winter at home.

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