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Wonderful Teak Shower Shelf

July 22, 2020 Garden Furnitures

Gorgeous Look Teak Ice Chest

If you use teak ice chest for storing your favorite beverages, there is nothing to worry about the changing temperature and moisture that will make the beverages lose its coldness and what makes it special is that it has gorgeous look of such chest. There are some models of teak ice chest that are intentionally manufactured with specific designs that are offered to consumers which have feature in water proof and can keep the inside temperature longer. It can withstand the minus 50 temperature and can significantly hold around twelve drink cans plus twenty pounds of ice. What makes teak wonderful as its material, it is because of the non toxic factor since it is totally natural which also means that it also safe to be around children.

Teak Ice Chest Cooler

Teak Ice Chest Features

Though teak is very well known for its durability, in fact teak ice chest needs to be well stored when it is bad weather as protection. For the safety of the inside storages, you better to make its lid strong and water proof as well by using silicone seal that will significantly keep rain out rain, condensation and more. What makes it better than rubber containers is that it has well air circulation while keeping the constant cold temperature. It is already well known in the wide market that this type of ice chest is the most durable since it does not need significant maintenance but will absolutely long lasting for so many years to come. It is also very attractive to have as furniture at the same time.

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Image of: Teak Ice Chest Cooler
Image of: Teak Ice Chest Outdoor
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Image of: Teak Ice Chest Delahey Wooden
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Image of: Teak Ice Chest Standing

As additional usage, you can also use the teak ice chest as coffee tables or benches when there is no real table or benches around. Another thing that is interesting to have with this furniture is that you can simply personalize it like carving names, initials or words in its lid. Just one thing for sure that you will find it beneficial if you have this type of storage container since it has good quality in durability, aesthetic , less maintenance  and also can be used for multi purposes.

Multi Purpose Teak Ice Chest

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