Gorgeous Tips To Install Pool Table Light

Perhaps you have a pool table at your home, it is recommended for you to install pool table light to give perfect illuminate on the pool table. The destiny of the installing the pool table with light is just not to get good sight. Add aesthetic in your room as well as with installing it always available in various shape and types such as represent sport world or just classic pool table light.

Pool Table Light Style

There are some tips below to help you and lead you how to install the pool table light. Read then do it in gently.
1. Buy and choose light fixtures which are able to hold enough light then use 100 watt bulbs.
2. Use stud finder in the ceiling.
3. Make holes with drilling from the ceiling through the studs as well.
4. On the predrilled holes use screwdriver to screw them in tightly.
5. Estimate and measure about 40 inches among the top of pool table and the bottom of the light fixture.
6. Install the lamps to the hooks then let the light fixture is hung in their height.
7. Plug the power cord then turn on the light.

It is very simple to install the pool table light on the pool table. You just need to carefully to avoid electricity cut when do these instructions. If you like this post you can leave a comment or share it with your friends as well.

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