Great Vintage Nautical Decor

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Good Vintage Nautical Decor

Vintage nautical decor style in decoration has followers and detractors. Decorating the beach house in sailor’s plan is a classic, as it is to do with children’s rooms, especially those of boy. There is no problem in decorating a house with objects to accentuate the nautical style. Boat oars add a distinct air of authenticity to any nautical decorating scheme. Without a coherent plan of work, but they can quickly overwhelm a room. The key to successful use of boat oars is harmony. Create a balanced nautical theme, and use oars to add a pop of visual interest.

Vintage nautical decor covers a wide range of possible design styles. Decide if you want to replicate a captains quarters, a small village by the sea, an elegant cruise ship or a rustic houseboat. Each nautical theme uses slightly different colors and styles. Boat oars fit well with any of the nautical design systems, so let your imagination run wild.

If you choose to replicate steel battleships, most vintage nautical decor themes incorporate bright or dark wood. Real wood floor looks the most realistic, but the wood-pattern laminate or parquet works just as well. Pastel blue is a common wall color nautical decor, but dark red or burgundy works for a plush cabin. Add decorative wainscoting for a more authentic feel. If you plan to wall mount the oars, leaving plenty of room to make them a focal point.

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