How To Apply Outdoor Concrete Stain

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Outdoor Concrete Stain Ideas

Turn a gray courtyard and smooth concrete in attractive outdoor space infused with natural depth and color by applying concrete stain. Outdoor concrete stain comes in a variety of colors to suit the tastes of any homeowner. In addition to providing outdoor patio with a new and improved, outdoor concrete stain also helps waterproof the patio. Unfortunately, the drying time between staining steps in this project may be having one or two full weekends to complete.

Put on rubber gloves, eye protection, mask filter, long pants and a long sleeve shirt to protect against chemical splashes and smoke. Spread particular chemical degreasing solution on the patio surface. Allow the solution to penetrate and remove stains, grease or oil residues for 15 minutes. Wash the degreasing chemical residue from the surface of outdoor concrete stain with a high power pressure washer. Mix the concrete stain according to the instructions on the label.

Fill a large bucket with 5 gallons of water. £ 1 Pour baking soda into the water. Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the concrete patio surface. Scrub the neutralizing mixture into the concrete patio and allow the baking soda to fade.  Apply a layer of base coat concrete sealer for concrete patio according to package directions.

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