How To Build Backyard Fire Pits

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Backyard Fire Pits Stylish

Few things bring more fun at a party or a family reunion evening outdoor fire to roast marshmallows or illuminating tall tales and campfire skits. Backyard fire pits make this possible. Proper care in selecting a safe site and the creation of appropriate barrier around the area of ​​the fire provides years of enjoyment of the fire-pit.

Education to build backyard fire pits: visit at least 15 meters from any structure in wood or vinyl, preferably downwind of the houses to prevent excessive smoke getting through the open windows. Choose flat land with rows, brush or wooden poles to prevent the spread of flames.

Rake away any sticks, leaves or other debris within 10 meter radius of the site fire pit desired. Using shovel or spade, turn and break up the soil in a circle about four meters in diameter at the center of the free zone. Tamp the dirt turned until the fire pit area is well compacted and leveled.

Place the granite rocks or bricks landscaping around the circle of fire pit so that all the rocks or bricks touch without gaps in between. This forms a protective wall around the backyard fire pits, keeping the flames in the pit area. Build fire inside the circle of rock.

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