How To Build In Ground Fire Pit

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Great In Ground Fire Pit

Build your own in ground fire pit to enjoy right in your own backyard. Some simple and easy tools to find items have it sitting next to a roaring fire, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in a sharp, clear night. The work involved is peanuts compared to the amount of fun you and your family will reap from your pit in ground fire.

Collect some items for the easiest way to make an in ground fire pit. Start working on your fire pit by measuring the circumference of the grid bottom. Measure a circumference in its grass that is at least 6 inches larger than that. Mark it with spray paint or chalk. Decide on the type of surround sound you want for your campfire and determine the amount of space required to do so.

Use a shovel or trowel and remove the sod from this area. In the center, where the kettle goes, dig to a depth that will allow the kettle to sit in the hole, with its top just an inch or so below the surface of the lawn. Set the kettle grill into the hole of in ground fire pit.How to build in ground fire pit,

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