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March 29, 2020 Garden Furnitures

How to Clean Teak Furniture Properly

It is already well known in the world that teak is the top very liked material for outdoor furniture since it is the most durable among all of hardwood materials and also has its typical aesthetic grayish silver color. Commonly all furniture need to be well maintained to keep its durability and beauty as well since it is going to be such a waste if your teak furniture are just abandoned without proper maintenance. Here are some instructions that you may need to know in how to clean teak furniture, these must be valuable in making your teak furniture stay clean from any dirt, stains and beautiful in appearance as well.

Outdoor Teak Furniture

Outdoor Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture Cleaning Instructions and Tips

For the first step, use soft cloth to wipe your teak furniture down gently then use a dry cloth to buff it. Wash the teak furniture gently with mild soap and warm water by using brush which has soft scrub and do not ever use steel wool since it will scratch or even damage your teak furniture. In order to remove dirt and stains in your teak furniture, rinse it using a hose for safe process and repeat it until it clean. As the finishing touch you can apply special teak brightener which is widely available in website of refinish furniture that you can just simply order it via online.

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For the finest result in keeping your teak furniture well maintained in its cleanliness and beauty as well it is recommended to you to only use the natural oils and it is highly restricted to use varnish, oil and water sealers since varnish will chip and flake the wood and sanding is going to be required in removing it. Naturally, teak has the anti water warping but for preventing any unwanted things that may damage your teak furniture, you should never allow any water pool around it. To prevent any permanent stain, any stain such as bird deposits should be removed quickly right after it occurs.

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