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March 16, 2020 Trellises

How to Decorate Your Landscape with Rose Trellis

Rose trellis – Using a rose trellis in your outdoor landscaping provides privacy and incorporates natural elements in your outdoor design. Choose a place in your yard as the wall of an outdoor structure, fence or gazebo attach your trellis.

Landscape Rose Trellis

Landscape Rose Trellis

Insert spacers to your rose trellis, so that the roses get enough air circulation. Espalier attached directly to the walls will not provide enough air, which can lead to roses spread of diseases. Mount the hooks for the fences when attaching to a fence. Prune any damaged or diseased canes from your rose bushes. Start your climbing roses out on the right foot by using only healthy rose canes.

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Image of: Rose Trellis Ideas
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Dig a hole two feet from the trellis, which is twice the diameter and deeper than the root ball rose. Place your rose plant in the hole and close the pack ground to prevent air pockets. Spread mulch around the base of plants for locking in the moisture. Water thoroughly. Put your rose bushes by the side of the rose trellis. Ties trellis with strings to rose’s main Stoke to bars. Rose bushes have one main cane and many smaller canes growing from the main. Allow your plants to be established for two growing seasons.

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