How To Install Electric Horse Fence

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Electric Horse Fence Design

A common form of portable electric horse fence between horse owners, the electroplating tape, consisting of a band -shaped plastic film filled with fine wires that conduct electricity. The advantages of electroplating tape over traditional wire electric fences include greater visibility and easy installation. Potential disadvantages involve increasing the electrical resistance and the likelihood of a short circuit. The electroplating tape comes in several widths, typically 1.25 to 2.5 cm, so make sure you buy the isolates corresponding to the size of the diameter.

Walk the perimeter of your fence, removing stones, sticks and other obstacles. Mow the lawn on a stretch of 90 to 120 cm wide along the perimeter of the electric horse fence. Use spray paint to mark the corners of the perimeter for the placement of the corner posts.

Install the corner posts. Place the bottom of a steel pole firmly in the first marked location and insert the pole approximately 45 cm in the ground with nailed posts. Repeat this process for each of the remaining corner posts. Electroplating insulating tape wrapped around each steel posts approximately 15 to 20cm from the ground. Electroplating tape passes through the insulation to create the lower strand in your electric horse fence.

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