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April 24, 2020 How to Garden

How to Make Window Boxes

If you want to add a significant decorative element for your front house while you are also in love with gardening, then window boxes will be a great choice to make. It is taken for granted that your house will have interesting visual appeal since it will be significantly enhanced its beauty from outside which will be make your neighbors envy you. If you want to make your own hand made windows boxes to be adding such a beauty to your house, then you will need some tips in the making process to get the finest result.

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Steps in How to Make Window Boxes

First of all, you have to know the size of your window. For instance, your window size is 35 inches. You cut a piece of wood for the base around 33 inches long and for its back and front, you cut two pieces of wood with 35 inches long, then for the sides you need to cut around six inches. The sides and the base have to be glued with wood glue all the way around but hold its backside up to the base at angle of 90 degree and the nail the base to secure it, this is also has to be done to the backside’s inside edges. The side edges which face out also has to be glued then place the window box’s front onto the base and side of it and use nails to secure it. In order to be clean, you better wipe off the glue excesses by using damp towel before it gets dry. As additional decorative purpose, you paint it by using paint color which match your house color and let it dry. In installing process, you hold the corrugated metal onto the window box left side and ensure that the metal edge in line with the left side back edge. Make two holes by drilling through the wood and metal one on backside bottom and one at the back top. In securing the wood and metal together, you can use bolt and nut. You have to repeat this on the other window box’s side. The metal window box corner has to be bent then continue to make it fast to the wood all the way around by using bolts and nuts. To make it attachable to your house, you do not cover its back with metal. For draining holes, you can drill the bottom to make some small holes and then add plastic linear to the window box‘s inside to prevent rot to the wood.

6 Inspiration Gallery from How to Make Window Boxes

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After doing all the instructed tips, you can directly add some plants variety such as flowers, herbs or other plants which can be very decorative to your window boxes.

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