How To Paint An Iron Driveway Gates

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Iron Driveway Gates Ideas

An iron driveway gates is used to create an entrance through a fence or driveway to the house, and provides an element of security for your property attractive. As on iron mold can grow due to its location on the outside, the door will require regular maintenance to maintain its attractive appearance. Before painting an iron driveway gates you must prepare the surface of the material properly. If the surface of iron does not rust, paint will adhere effectively. Rub the wire brush on the iron driveway gates to remove rust and peeling paint. Sand the surface of iron with a rough rasp and sandpaper to remove any oxide which protects the metal.

Mixing 15 parts water and 1 part of phosphoric acid in a bucket. Let acid solution sit on the surface for five minutes and then rub the iron gently with a brush to remove the remaining oxide. Rinse the door with water. Shake a can of spray metal primer vigorously for at least three minutes and hold the can at a distance of 30 cm of the door. Primer sprayed evenly over the iron moves forward and backward slowly so that the aerosol is sprayed evenly over the surface.

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