How To Paint Metal Outdoor Chairs

Metal outdoor chairs – If you have noticed the paint on their metal garden chairs has begun to chip and peel, do not buy new furniture yet. With a few simple steps, you can apply a new coat of paint, giving new life to your outdoor chairs existing metal. Lay down covers to trap particles of paint and protect paint surfaces. Wear or latex gloves to protect your skin from chemicals.

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Metal outdoor chairs, mix degreasing cleaner water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean the surfaces of the chairs with a rag soaked in the mixture, removing dirt and oil from surfaces. Rinse with clean water and let dry.

Inspect chairs for any area of loose paint, blistering or bubbling. Metal outdoor chairs have probably taken a beating from the elements outdoors. Make a hole in any bubbling and blistering the paint scraper corner. Using a wire brush, scrape back and forth with firm pressure, removing loose paint. Metal chairs outdoors often show signs of wear in the cracks and joints; scrape loose paint from these hard to reach areas with a metal file. Smooth surfaces by sanding back and forth with steel wool, eliminating any visible demarcation. Wipe surfaces with the tack cloth to remove any bits of metal left on the surface of the chair, leaving a dust free surface for a smooth application of paint.

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