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August 9, 2020 Pallet Fence

How to Paint New Installed Pallet Fence

Not at  all people can do a work how to paint fences, but with read this post you will lead to get idea how to paint a pallet fence. The pallet fence sometimes comes in simple design. Painting or staining the fence is very easy to do. There some tools to be prepared such as, termite resistance, turpentine, varnish, and wood paint, gloves, and brush, spray bottle.

Diy Pallet Fencing Instructions

Diy Pallet Fencing Instructions

Here are some steps to paint the pallet fence, you just need to patient and gently to do it.
1. Use hand gloves to protect your hands.
2. Make sure the surface of the pallets is smooth, if there are some dirt or dust use brush to clean them.
3. Insert acid anti termite to spray bottle then spray it to the pallet fences then wait them till dry.
4. Paint the pallet fence with varnish to make the fence have a base paint.
5. Paint the fence with the main color of the fence. Paint in one directions for example from above to down or from the right to the left and vice versa. Do not paint from mixed directions.

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Those are some steps how to pain the pallet fence. It will be better for you to paint it by yourself to get self satisfaction as well. Make your landscaping area more look attractive with colored fences.

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