How To Treat Outdoors Furniture

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Outdoors furniture – Certain types of outdoor furniture requires more care than others. Cedar, redwood and teak wood furniture is often chosen for their durability and easy maintenance. Teak wood furniture has a natural resistance to decay and insects, while redwood and cedar contains natural chemicals in the heart of the wood that makes them tough and lengthy. The best time to treat outdoor furniture is during the hot, dry weather, so plan your cleaning, oiling and varnishing the late spring or summer. Keep plastic outdoor furniture looks new with just a bit of soap and water.

Clean your outdoors furniture and remote outdoor cooking soot blackened wood furniture with a mixture of a cup of disodium phosphate and a gallon of warm water. Scrub well with a soft brush, rinse afterwards with cold water. Inspect your furniture after it has dried for cracks and peeling; Sand any areas of deterioration with fine sandpaper. Treated wood should be completely removed with a remover before painting.

Oil teak wood furniture with teak oil once or twice a year. Apply the oil with a clean brush and wipe off excess oil with a soft cloth. This will slow the aging process and help to keep the mold in check. Replace rusted hardware such as screws, nuts and bolts to avoid staining the wood. Clean outdoors furniture cushions and umbrella substance, including water-resistant fabric, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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