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March 26, 2020 Terrariums

Humidity of Water Terrarium

Water terrarium-For most of our reptiles are a high humidity necessary for survival. Most of these animals which are otherwise healthy withstand a dry period of 1-2 days. Dry climate over a long period, however, very harmful to your pet and can cause dehydration and / or problems with body temperature.

Terrarium Water System

Terrarium Water System

Even animals from extreme desert areas need a daily increase in humidity. In desert areas, the humidity during the night, sometimes up to 100%. This has to do with the temperature drop at night. The hot air has a low relative humidity and / or of storing much moisture. If the hot air is cooled down, so does the relative humidity: The stored water is condensed. Reptiles from rainforest areas need a constant humidity of 70-100%! The easiest way to increase the humidity in the water terrarium is to use a spray bottle.

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A standard spray bottle is cheap and good if you have a few water terrariums. Do you have many terrarium will soon curse flower syringe and complain of pain in the wrist and the muscles of the forearm. The simplest solution then is to buy a gun. It is suitable holding guns 5-10 liters in the flower trade. They function by pumping up an internal pressure in the container then push the water through the nozzle.Terrarium waterfall ideas,

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