Ideas For Painting Plastic Wicker Patio Furniture

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Amazing Plastic Wicker Patio Furniture

Plastic wicker patio furniture – Wicker synthetic version offers a more durable, outdoor-friendly air wicker furniture and decor typically made of woven plant fibers. Deeply clean the surface with ammonia or mild detergent like. Always apply the cleaner on the sponge, not directly on the furniture. Rinse well and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. Use masking tape or painter’s tape to cover areas that do not want to remain painted, for example, any metal part.

Paint plastic wicker patio furniture with the aerosol at a distance of about one foot (30 cm), spray cabinet with a uniform and smooth speed. Does not worry if you paint seem too light or light, as this process requires several light coats. Try to finish the job with a single layer can cause the paint to run and drip, giving an untidy appearance.

Once the paint dried completely, apply another layer. Depending on the original color of the plastic wicker patio furniture and paint color, full coverage may require only two layers or more, just know that you have to let each coat to dry completely before moving on to the next. Once the last layer was dried, he removes the tapes. Let another few hours before using the furniture, so that any damp place has a chance to dry.

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