Ideas For Repairing Resin Wicker Chairs

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Resin Wicker Chairs With Umbrella

Resin wicker chairs – Made to look like actual wicker, wicker resin is completely waterproof and offers attractive styling and durability for half the price of wicker, making it ideal outdoor furniture. Resin chairs offer the strength of aluminum or steel frames majority braid around. When the resin chairs need repair, and replace more decide to dispose of the new chairs rather than trying to fix it. An alternative to throwing these chairs only need to buy a tube of epoxy resin paint to hardware stores. This type epoxy sold as a kit of two components of resin and a hardener, or a mixing tube becomes unnecessary.

Place a sheet of dust under and around your resin wicker chairs to protect the floor or ground. Ensure adequate ventilation in the room or outside. Clean your wicker chair resin with a spray purpose cleaner, focusing on the area of ​​need repair. Squeeze and apply epoxy to the seam, broken section or crack in the chair. Work the epoxy in the seam or crack using a flat scraper. As you work with epoxy, be sure to make a smooth surface. Remove excess epoxy with the scraper.

Create a wicker texture on the surface smooth epoxy made by adding an additional amount of epoxy. Add a small amount. Using a pointed tool such as a punch, extra epoxy is applied to make it appear like the rest of the wicker chair as much as possible and let it dry. Spray paint the repaired area using paint that matches your resin wicker chairs.

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