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Installing Outdoor Carpet Tiles

There are several advantages of installing outdoor carpet tiles instead of traditional carpet. First and perhaps most important, it is not necessary to stretch the tiles during installation as required with the installation of traditional carpets. As a result, installing carpet tiles is a much faster process. There are advantages associated with installing and; the substitution may occur depending on the specific needs to tiles, instead of replacing the entire area with traditional carpet.

Ribbed Outdoor Carpet Tiles

Ribbed Outdoor Carpet Tiles

Clean the area to be tiled so that the floor is clean and dry. Outdoor carpet tiles are best put in a strong concrete or wood subfloor. Make sure the surface is free of defects such as nail heads or small parts of old flooring that can cause carpet tiles that are released at a later date.

11 Inspiration Gallery from Installing Outdoor Carpet Tiles

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Outdoor carpet tiles mark the center point of the room using a tape measure this is the point where you begin to lay the tiles. Place an “X” on the floor with a broad-tipped permanent marker. An accurate yet easy method to locate the center of the room is find the midpoint of each wall, then draw a chalk line between the two midpoints of opposite walls. The lines cross in the middle of the room.

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