Iron Fence Panels With Stone Pillars

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Galvanized Iron Fence Panels

You can make an iron fence panels are fixed to pillars of stone using a panel of iron fencing re-fabricated. To do so, you will first need to determine where you will build the fence. The panels can be attached to a pillar or existing stone pillars you placed on your new patio. You can find the iron fence panels on your home improvement store home. Measure the height of each bar fence panel with tape. Record the measurements on paper. Transfer measures alongside corner stone pillar. Mark the location of each bar of the fence on the pillar with the marker.

Place a support for iron fence panels on top of the mark and drill pilot holes for the mounting bolts using an electric drill with a masonry bit. Insert a bolt mounting holes and adjust them with the wrench. Place the next bracket in place. Drill pilot holes and fix the bracket to the stone pillar.

Place iron fence panels on top of the stone pillar. Mark the location of the mounting holes with felt tip marker. Drill pilot holes for the screws mounting the stone pillar using the drill and masonry bit. Align the mounting plate of the post of the fence with concrete anchors.

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