Keeping Outdoor Teak Furniture

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Outdoor Teak Furniture Tonal Pattern

Outdoor Teak Furniture – Teak is a hardwood sustainable crop that has many unique properties. In general used for outdoor furniture because it is very durable and very resistant to weathering. Teak furniture can last for decades or even a century with regular cleaning and care. This is possible because the wood contains a lot of natural oil that helps fight mold and mildew. Also makes pest resistance and also to some extent the moisture in the wood. Anyone with outdoor teak furniture will have to take several steps to ensure that it remains in good condition throughout the year.

Many people allow teak outdoor furniture age naturally, without stains, oils or surface treatments. This course of action requires less maintenance. Teaks slowly rotate one silver color and natural wood oils dissipate. The only maintenance of furniture you need is an occasional cleaning and some common sense care to avoid damage from moisture and extreme temperatures.

Part of maintaining outdoor teak furniture is outdoor wood cleaning on a regular basis. The furniture can be easily cleaned during the week with nothing but water from a hose or bucket. A more thorough cleaning involves the use of clean water mixed with a small amount of bleach or dish washing detergent.

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