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April 19, 2020 Love Garden

Maintain the Garden with Willow Garden Fencing

Willow garden fencing will surely avoid any annoying branches which grow wildly from stumps of trees and make problems in sights. This type of garden fencing is good gardening idea to keep the garden well maintained in its cleanliness from wild growing branches which also brings the ambiance of the old world since its material has been around in British isles and Europe as well since The Bronze age. It was commonly made as roofs’ material, fences and walls to contain some livestock like sheep.  It is taken for granted that if your garden has willow fencing, you will find it very fascinating to have.

Willow Garden Fencing

Willow Garden Fencing

How to make Willow Garden Fencing

If you want to make willow garden fencing, then you need to follow these instructions. First of all, you have to cut the trees’ sapling branches or you can also gather them from the road side. It is taken for granted that this willow will work well though actually other saplings from some hard woods such as pecan or oak also do great. In order to make good posts, you better to cut the woods at least twelve inches longer than the planned fence height. In order to make it easier in its ground driving, you use a hatchet to make the each post end sharp and drive it into about twelve inches deep. If you find it hard in driving it into the ground since of hard soil, then use rebar piece or another strong material such as clay as guide holes then start to weave the bendable and long branches into the posts in and out. The each row weave has to be alternated by starting it on the post opposite side from the previous row and also use the tips end to alternate the long branches base ends. Push it down right after you have woven each branch into its proper place and once the fence is already finished, trim off any long ends by using lopper pruners.

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In order to get the finest result in making willow garden fence, you better to have hemp string to be woven through its ends to make the weave tighter, this is simply meant for extra stability. In order to protect germinating seeds, you use twig ends which are already trimmed and then tie it together simply by using hemp string.

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