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March 15, 2020 Love Your Garden

Maintain Your Garden with Garden Border Fences

If you really love your garden and want to keep its beauty whether from animal or children’s disturbance, then you will need to have garden border fences since it will be a significant limit in order to keep your garden’s well and proper condition maintained. Garden fences are going to keep out any disturbance from outside and will make you feel calm since you are ensured that your garden works are safe and there is nothing will be harming your beautiful bouquets of flowers, plants textures and trees ‘ placements. If you have dogs and you feel worry that your dogs will harm your garden, then you have to make one of garden border fences and to make a good one, you will need to follow these proper instructions.

Garden Border Fences from Pickets

Garden Border Fences from Pickets

How to Make Garden Border Fence and Tips

First of all, you need to select what material that you will use such as straight branches or you can purchase pickets which are available in hardware stores. The proper height of garden fences will be four feet but it is according to your preference about its height but you have to remember that the fences are partially going to be buried into the ground. You can lay the pickets or straight branches on the ground side by side based on your space preference. A cross piece has to be attached by using another stake or branch near the sticks top but determine six inches from top to down. You can build small fence sections if you wire them together or you can also screw the piece of cross in place by using screws. Once the small sections are already completed, place it where you want in the garden by using shovel or hoe you can dig a small trench up about six to eight inches where you like to place the fence.

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The sections are should be fairly short about four or five feet in order to be able to manage hard wind blows. Since garden border fences are also great for decorative item in your garden then you better to well consider about what kind of effect that you want to create in your garden such as will it be formal garden or woodsy garden. The well considerations of it will be helping you in picking the materials that you are about to use to build it.

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