Make A Propane Fire Pit Kit

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Propane Fire Pit Kit Table Savanna Stone

propane fire pit kit – Dig a square hole that is a foot deep in a desired in their backyard fire pit for the place. Make the hole 3-for-3 square feet. Soften the area near the edges as flat as possible, then pending the center in a small bowl. Bricks longitudinal line around the perimeter of the hole, then repeated to create the base. You should have two lines of bricks, side by side, forming a perimeter.

Compound mixture your preferred cement mortar or brick to make propane fire pit kit, then use a palette masonry mortar applied to the top of the bricks, half an inch thick. All the compounds of mortar and concrete can vary in the mixing process, so be sure to read the instructions on the bag.

Set the next layer of bricks for propane fire pit kit at the top in the same way as before, but this time the brick must be focused on the edges where the bottom bricks touch each other, and spaced half inch from each other.

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