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September 6, 2020 Trellises

Make a Simple and Beautiful for Garden Trellises Style

Garden trellises – A trellis allowed growing vegetables in less space. As the plants grow vertically, leaving more land available for other crops. Beans, peas, cucumbers and tomatoes are most often grown on trellises. Some small melons and other types of squash also grow well on a trellis. A trellis frame allows you to use a trellis of two rows of plants; use it for a double row of the same plant variety, or plant a row of beads on one side, cucumbers on the other for the maximum use of space.

Beautiful Garden Trellises

Beautiful Garden Trellises

Garden trellises, Game two poles 6 feet tall bamboo along with the upper ends crossing 6 inches from the top and the bottom about 3 feet apart, creating an A-shape.  Adjust bamboo poles at each end of the row planting, placing 3-5 feet away. Push the bottom of the posts of 6-10 inches into the ground so they do not blow on windy days. Set another bamboo stick 6 feet on top of the two frames A, putting it in the notches where A shaped poles intersect. Lash instead everyone in shape with garden twine.

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Drape plastic garden or a lattice network on top of the frame so that falls equally on both sides of the frame. From the bottom of the screen on one side, attach it to the nearest foot garden twine. Add an extra loop every 8 inches to reach the top of the garden trellises, and then tie the other side of the net to the other leg in the A-frame. Repeat on the other side of the backpack, pulling the tight network as you tie. Plant seeds or transplants along the bottom of the mesh on each side.

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