Making Outdoor Barstools

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Tall Outdoor Bar Stools

Outdoor barstools – Imagine a beautiful, rustic wooden bar built alongside the pool on the ground, lined with four great-looking, wooden stools handmade. If you like having people over for a festive celebration, but have no place to seat them, worry no more. With a few tips and a little wood, you can make your own quality bar stools outdoors.

Outdoor barstools, measure the height of the bar to determine the height of the stool. Make sure there is between 9 and 13 centimeters between the rod and the seats of the stools. Buy your firewood for their bar stools outdoor supply stores local wood. Oak wood is a good value for the purchase. It is durable and attractive. Bring your action bar stool with you and have the wood cut on the premises.

Buy four 12 by 12 pieces of wood, one for each seat outdoor barstools. Buy four long narrow pieces of wood for the legs of each seat and four smaller, too narrow pieces of wood to hold and secure the legs of the bar stools. These are called stretchers. Sand the wood, making sure it is smooth and ready for primer, stain or paint. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can buy wood and sanded, treated and ready for use.

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