Making Vintage Floor Lamp

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Vintage Floor Lamp Awesome

Vintage floor lamp used for two reasons: to enhance a particular design scheme and visually draw the eye of the viewer up and encourage the viewer to inspect the room at a different angle or level. There are modern manufacturers of vintage floor lamps that create new designs inspired by the original lamp styles. Create a personal; one-of-a-kind vintage floor lamp requires the do-it-yourself designers to collect found parts bases, lamp columns and shades to reassemble into a new vintage-style floor lamp.


Determine the vintage era to base the light on and become familiar with the various decorative nuances of that era.  Although a lamp base cannot be in perfect condition when found, remember that just cleaning and repainting a base and column are fairly easy to accomplish. Purchase a lamp kit designed for a vintage floor lamp.

Find a finished lampshade if not found while searching for the base and column. While the shadow size is a personal choice, there is a visual rule that must be kept in mind: the lower diameter of the shade should be at least equal in size to the base of the lamp.

Read the instructions for installing the light kit and harp. Sometimes the harp to be mounted and held in place on top of the lamp column before, and the cable is placed in the lamp column, thereby securing the harp in place. Connect the lamp to a wall outlet and turn on the switch on the socket to the mode.

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